poli 55Poli srl is a reference technical partner for special mechanical components and high-precision welding.
Poli was founded in 1963 as a specialized welding workshop and today, after over 60 years activity, still carries the family name.

Thanks to the high-level welding processes and their ability to cope with the most complex technical requirements, Poli is also focused on the foreign market where precision is recognised as a distinctive value.

Poli srl deals with analysis, technical advice and design support, listening to the client demands and having great care for details in each processing phase. This is the high expertise that makes Poli a reference technical partner for customers company.

Poli provides you a tailor- and custom-made service, respecting confidentiality during the delicate process of design and realisation of mechanical components on request of the customer.


Our goal is the customer satisfaction. We provide a concrete, serious and professional experience.”
Dante Poli


1 – High-level precision processing
2 – Provision of the optimisation of the whole working process, trying to reach excellence in every single step

3 – 3D-CAD personalised assistance. We support customers’s needs and ideas with a design service meant to protect and safeguard the confidential aspects behind every new project

4 - Toll Manufacturing

5 - Prototyping: pilot Samples


Direct contact, analysis and development projects, implementation of pilot samples: this careful process is constantly aimed to look for the best solution "signed by Poli".







Welding is at the heart of every mechanical object”

A steel and special alloys processing that includes titanium, aluminum, copper, alloy steel. It covers the whole articles life cycle, from CAD assistance to the final testing and checking.

The production is divided into Pianificazione di Linea and Fuori Linea a specific organization that can support the realisation of mechanical components meeting clients needs in several fields such as:
1 - Food & Beverage
2 - Nautical equipment
3 - Oil & Gas
4 - Packaging
5 - Medical
6 - Electrotechnical
7 - Niche markets, such as classic cars’ and vintage motorbikes’ market

We also guarantee that the methods and materials we use meet the required standards, preserving hygiene and enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the manufactured products: Attention to detail is a fundamental part of the "workmanlike" finish that we provide.

The whole process is planned and controlled by an ERP - Integrated Management System - that guarantees a careful planning of the in-house and external production, an effective work progressing monitoring, the respect to delivery speed and quality.


Automated plants and wide range of materials: stainless steel, light alloys, aluminium, copper, bronze. Cutting capacity for both individual components and bundles, bars and hollow bars.

Classic: URSUS lathe and special applications.
Numerical controlled equipment: KIA lathes with automatic feeders for bar processing, BIGLIA lathes for second operation turning, drilling-milling machine; MITSUBISHI work center
Press: hydraulic ton 80
Poli’s in-house equipment: moulds, tools, prototypes - and available to the production plants - series production
New equipment: BIGLIA - B545 SM - Rotary tools (12) - Main spindle with C-axis - Sub-spindle with C-axis

Mechanical processing of metal sheets to obtain radii of curvature:
with two rollers, small shells, ø min. 60 mm
with four rollers, large-diameter shells, up to a max of 2000 mm

TIG, GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Micro TIG
PAW Plasma Arc Welding
SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Resistance Spot Welding
Soft and Hard Brazewelding
Qualified processes and welders (Section IX of the ASME Code - 2019 Edition)
Both automatic and semiautomatic installations and manual welding

Laser welding systems and TIG robotic welding systems

Source materials and welding consumables
Stainless steel: non-corrodible, ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, austenitic/ferritic (DUPLEX), martensitic stainless steel
EN10204 3.1 certificates

Drying thermal-convection electric oven
Muffle furnace for pre- and post- heating processes

Programmable stainless steel degreasing machines. Wash cycles with specific cleaning solutions. Installation for stainless steel components to avoid contamination
Leveler for sheet metal and hollow bars with rollers realised ad-hoc and in-house with Poli’s equipment
Grinders, sanders, single or double units
Programmable spot marking machine to identify and track the products

Mechanical: grinding-cleaning-brushing-polishing
Stationary and movable machinery, robotic work stations for the on-line production
Abrasive products are used to achieve the highest quality standards in terms of surface finishing
Electro-chemical: pickling-polishing-passivation
Peening: micro-shot peening installation with glass or ceramic microdot

Tests carried out at start, production and finishing in compliance with accepted Sampling Plans and Quality Levels
Calibrated equipment to ensure that dimensions and quality are maintained - surface roughness and electric tests
Packaging implemented with materials and methods that shall prevent possible damage to the surface. Particular care is taken during storage, transfer and processing in compliance with instructions to avoid damage or contamination

Poli production process: about ultra-high precision welding, the realisation of facilities and casing and also other processing such as bending, moulding, edge banding, turning and milling process.
This also includes several finishing treatments such as mirror-polishing or electro-polishing, glazing, pickling and micro shot peening … “because we are constantly looking for a higher result and precision”.


The Company has completed the Certification Process of its QSA Integrated System in order to guarantee a quality production, with the lowest possible levels of environmental impact and in the heigher respect of the safety and health norms:
- UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 - Environment
- UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 - Safety
- UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Quality


To ensure the effectiveness of the Integrated System and the continuous improvement of its processes Poli undertakes to respect the aspects of Quality, Environment and Safety as declared in its "Company Policy" - download the attachment

POLI srl adopts the PED - Pressure Equipment Directive Quality System - Vessels and Containers with electrical resistance in compliance with the Directive 2014/68 / EU - Module H - Annex III - for the design, production, final inspection and test of the type of pressure equipment with the CE certification.


Poli is a UL-CRUUS certified company for the production of tanks and boilers with electrical resistance.
Certificates of Compliance - UL-US-2014464-0 and UL-CA-2011467-0 - are the most recognised accreditation for the conformity of a product according to US and Canadian safety requirements.


POLI complies with the GMP Regulation



for hot beverages

Our boilers are produced in stainless steel 304 or 316, in various sizes and are adaptable to many types of machines or instruments.
Usable in various sectors, in particular Food & Beverage and Medical, electrical power and capacity can be varied and customized to your requirements using a dedicated 3D-CAD Design Service. All technical components, from the dimensions to the power supply, are customisable for every need.
We also offer high-precision machining for each required size, starting from a minimum capacity of 0.5 liters.
Poli boilers are also in copper.

poli open boiler



By embedding the fundamental principles of Environmental Sustainability, and in particular the founding principles of the Circular Economy's REUSE | RECYCLE | REDUCE | REPAIR, we are honoring our commitment to ensuring that our business practices are as #green as possible.

We believe that everything we do and everyone we work with should feel part of this transition: With all the decisions taken in this direction made to enhance awareness and involvement.



Because we are passionate about our work, we guarantee our customers a continuity of service. This is a core element of our Corporate Social Responsibility as we believe that everyone can contribute to social or economic improvement.
For us, making ourselves available to repair products means lengthening their lifespan so they can contribute to projects for longer. We also make sure that products can be reused, so that you can follow a sustainable management model that benefits the circular economy.


SPECIAL PROJECT: MARé the customisable straw in #plasticfree steel

With Corporate Social Responsibility and the environment in mind, Poli has created a new AISI 316 stainless steel straw to replace traditional plastic food and drink straws. "We had been looking for an object with a specific use and that, at the same time, could be a way to help us drive #plasticfree change. But we also wanted it to be beautiful, completely safe and Made in Italy!”, says Claudia Poli, Poli Srl CEO. MARé is a high-end product, that can be customised or engraved, and with features that make it unique in design and quality.
Project recognised by the CONFINDUSTRIA Study Centre - Italian BBF product “Bello e ben fatto” (beautiful and well done) to support Made in Italy and the products that convey its values.
More information: CLICK HERE


“Patto per il lavoro” Award

The CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Sized Businesses) of Emilia-Romagna has granted Poli ltd. the award destined to the member companies that have proved to be excellent over the last two years. During the Annual Meeting that took place on 29th October 2018 at the Arena del Sole Theatre in Bologna, Dante Poli (founder of Poli ltd) accompanied by Valerio Veronesi (President of the Bologna Chamber of Commerce) was awarded by the CNA of Bologna on behalf of Bologna and its hinterland.



Bologna and the Industrial District of Mechanics: this is the strength of the territory where Poli is based, a well-know area for automotive sector with brands like Ducati, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini. Moreover, Emilian tradition and culture includes automatic and packaging machines, robotics and food processing. Poli srl is born in this environment where excellence is the result of a whole process and mechanics is of high-quality.



You can find us at A. Costa, 39/43 Castel Maggiore - Bologna - Italy

You can call us at +39 051 700184 or fill out the following form:

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